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A grassroots effort, sponsored by Clinton County Conservation Board

August 23-24, 2009


2009 Results - 3.03 Tons Removed!
The Lower Wapsipinicon River Cleanup Project, a canoeing- and camping-based river cleanup event, took place for its fourth year August 23-24, 2009. Twenty-six volunteers removed an amazing 3.03 tons of trash from 12 miles of the Wapsipinicon River, plus its backwaters, and nearby sloughs on the Mississippi. The section of river covered weaves through Clinton and Scott County, from McCausland Landing to the Mississippi River. Of the trash collected, 52% was recycled. The grand total removed from the river over the last four years is a whopping 23.6 tons removed from 72 miles of river, watershed, and backwaters.

"I am continually amazed and touched to see people from all over Iowa and Illinois - many returning from previous years - to give of themselves in such a way to improve the health and beauty of our local river," stated coordinator Melisa Jacobsen "It's in these small steps that we hope to increase awareness and help affect larger changes with respect to our waterways used by so many individuals and families for recreation. "

The program provided free canoes, free camping, and low-cost meals, as well as an evening Mississippi River eco-cruise on the Blue Heron led by a Clinton County Conservation Board Naturalist.

Sponsors for this event included: Clinton County Conservation Board; Friends of the Wapsi Center, Inc., Dixon, IA; BEHR Metal Recycling, Clinton, IA; G. Baker Distributing, Clinton, IA; Allied Waste Services, Clinton, IA; Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency, Jones Optical, Champaign, IL; Active Endeavors, Davenport, IA; Paul's Discount, Clinton, IA; Mid-American Energy; KA Screen Printing, Davenport, IA and Target, Clinton, IA

The Lower Wapsipinicon River Cleanup Project is a grassroots organization with a twofold purpose: To remove trash from the river and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner; and to educate the public about the environment and the importance of caring for natural resources. They will be cleaning up on a different section of the Lower Wapsipinicon each year in late August.

For further information, or to get on a mailing list for next year, please write to LWRCP, 2740 - 160th Avenue, Calamus, IA 52729, email coordinator@lowerwapsicleanup.org

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Recyclables --3151 lbs. (1.58 tons) total, or 52% of cleanup total:
?? lbs. aluminum
?? lbs. glass and plastic
?? lbs. (?.?? tons) tires
?? lbs. (?.?? tons) mixed scrap metal

GRAND TOTAL: 6060 lbs., or 3.03 tons!


Contact info:
Melisa Jacobsen, Coordinator, coordinator-at-lowerwapsicleanup.org


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