We would like to thank LWRCP photographer
Keith Garrett of Muscatine, IA,
for all the wonderful pictures he took.

We would also like to thank the following people
for their photo contributions:
Nick Gaeta of Cedar Rapids, IA,
Anton Green of Davenport, IA,
Chuck Jacobsen of Calamus, IA, and
Leslie Mason of Allerton, IA.

Dealing with a large pile of scrap metal on Saturday
during the calm before the big storm!

Don Propst of Des Moines, IA, came prepared
to work his magic on the larger metal pieces.


Buried treasure? Nope, just a big ol' tire; one of many.

Lynette Seigley of Iowa City, IA, and Dean Zimmerman
of Monticello, IA, carefully maneuver their load of tires
down the Wapsipinicon River.

Brian Soenen of Sioux City, IA, proudly displays
his effort to clean up the Wapsi.

Nick Gaeta, of Cedar Rapids, IA, awaits the arrival
of more refuse-laden canoes,
while standing next to a pile of scrap metal and tires
that were pulled from the river.

The bow of Anton Green's boat overflows with trash.
Anton is from Davenport, IA.

It took many strong arms and backs to remove
this flat-bottomed boat from the Wapsi.
Based on the date of the most recent registration stickers,
our guess was that it had been in the river
approximately 11 years.
A Mercury outboard motor was also found with the boat.

Dan Ceynar of North Liberty, IA, brings in
the flat-bottomed boat and the motor,
while sitting in a broken wheelchair also found in the Wapsi!

Part of the fleet of cleanup canoes arrives,
ready to drop off their loads of trash at the boat ramp at
Allen's Grove Park near Donahue, IA, on Sunday, August 27.

This little fellow and the rest of the Wapsi residents say,
for making our home cleaner and safer!!!"


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